Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bait Hair Perfume.. Its Time To Get Hooked!

To most the idea & sound of hair perfume is a strange one.. Why do I NEED a hair perfume? Whats wrong with my normal perfume?!

You will always smell someone before you see them, or as they walk by their perfume lingers on.  According to the internet and speaking to a few friends its often actually not the perfume you are smelling, but a hair product they have used the night before!
 I will always distinctly remember the smell of Amla Oil which is an Indian oil, designed to speed up the growth of your hair.. I used it during Indian head massage at Beauty School and the smell would linger on for a few days!
The reason for this is the hair is extremely absorbent, unlike the body unfortunately! I find I spray my perfume on in the morning which is a Eau De Perfume (more concentrated so it lasts longer on the skin) and look it defiantly lasts longer than an Eau De Toilette, BUT after a few hours the smell is gone! 

When I first read about Bait Hair Perfumes on Instagram I was so fascinated, as I had never heard of the concept or had ever thought ‘Hey! My hair really needs some perfume”, Well Boy oh boy was I wrong, after trying out all four of the Bait range over four days (one day of each perfume), I was hooked! Such a fantastic invention!
On first application they do smell quite strong and I though “oh gosh have I sprayed too much?!” but after a while the smell was no longer ‘intense’ but it was pleasant, and defiantly something different from my normal body perfumes!
Another great feature of Hair Perfumes is that unlike body perfumes, they don't expose you to sun damage and pigmentation! YES!

-The perfumes come in 4 addictive scents to suit any occasion!
-They lasts up to 12 hours which will easily get you through a long day at work, school or uni or even a night out!
-It Conceals odors and refreshes hair in-between washes
 which is great for after hitting the gym ( without making your hair greasy!)
-It is suitable for all hair types
-Free of Parabens & Sulfates 

Talk through of each one..
“With exotic forbidden fruits, warm vanilla, and hints of dark amber, this sensual sent has been known to lead to irresistibly dangerous situations”
I feel like this scent would be perfect for a date night, the smell is very ‘night time’. I would advise one spritz on either size of the head as any more than two is a little strong for me!

“A sugar rush of pink cotton candy and decadent vanilla cupcake, this sweet and flirtatious scent will have them begging you for more”
Perfect for a girls night out, it's a very sweet perfume but at the time has a sexy side to it, defiantly going to catch their attention as you stroll by!

“An intoxicating cocktail of coconut, suntan lotion and pool side aroma, this beachy scent will capture the memories of your wildest summer night”
As it states in the description, this scent is ideal for summer, or to bring back the memories of summer! Not as sweet as Heart Breaker but still sweet, with that coconut- tanning oil smell that we all know from summer!

“A perfect harmony of creamy orange sherber, coconut, and soft vanilla, this summery scent will surround your dreams with peace and love”
MY FAVORUITE, there is something about this scent that gets me, I think it's the vanilla as im a huge vanilla and caramel scent girl! Loving this one- Again I would only reccomened the two spritz’

INSTAGRAM..https://instagram.com/baithairperfume/   (@baithairperfume)

If you have any questions feel free to ask away & Thanks for reading!


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